If you've shown your button fern a little too much love, don't fret. Contact us so we can bring new life to your previously loved planters.

Our REVIVE Program is here to help.


Button ferns or "lemon button ferns" love a bright environment, or a slightly shady spot, but never direct sun as they can burn.  

Try to keep your fern in a humid room (ideally 50% humidity).  During periods of low humidity, mist once a week for the optimum health of your plant.

Water as needed to keep the soil moist but not soggy.  Let the top portion of your planter (2.5cm) dry out between waterings.  Fronds that are yellow and wilted are a sign of over watering.  If this occurs, cut back on watering and trim off damaged fronds.

Provide a regular, balanced, liquid fertilizer once every week during the spring and summer, and then withhold fertilizer during fall and winter.

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