If you've shown your fig a little too much love, don't fret. Contact us so we can bring new life to your previously loved planters.

Our REVIVE Program is here to help.

(Fiscus Lyrata)


Fiddle leaf figs are gorgeous, sculptural plants that add personality to any room.  Figs love light and will eventually start leaning towards the sun.  Rotate the tree slightly every time you water, (or once a month) to help keep your tree straight and balanced.

Care: Give them bright, consistent light, preferably by a sunny window without any drafts.  Water only when soil is dry to the touch. 


Fertilize with a water-soluble plant food throughout the growing season according to directions. Avoid moving your fiddle leaf fig tree around with the exception of moving it to a sink for watering. 


They do not like to be moved around for extended lengths of time and may lose leaves in the process.

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