A breath of fresh air!  Crispy Wave Ferns are non-toxic and scientifically proven to effectively convert CO2 into oxygen and remove harmful particles from the air.  These ferns will grow endlessly if put into a larger pot. But they also thrive in smaller planters as they adapt to any size vessel.

Care: low to medium sunlight.  Please do not place your crispy wave fern in bright or direct sunlight. 

Water weekly with 3/4 to one full cup of water. Do not let soil dry out between waterings.  Fertilize monthly.  
In times of low humidity, ferns should also be misted 2 to 3 times per week for optimum health. Do not place your fern near a draft or heat source.

Easy to care for conversation starters!  We have lovingly nicknamed them our "Crispy Bacon Plant".

If you've shown your fern a little too much love, don't fret. Contact us so we can bring new life to your previously loved planters.

Our REVIVE Program is here to help.