HAWORTHIAS Thrive on Neglect

If you've shown your haworthia plant a little too much love, don't fret.  Contact us so we can bring new life to your previously loved planters.

Our REVIVE Program is here to help.




Haworthia plants can survive with minimal attention. They require a small amount of water (maximum 1/4 of a cup). The soil should be completely dry before you water the plant. During the summer, you should water typically every 3 weeks.


Although all of our planters contain rock for drainage, water only when soil is dry to the touch and provide enough water to make the soil wet, but not soggy.  If you are unsure, play it safe and wait a week more before watering. Less is best!


Always water the soil directly.  Avoid getting water on the plant, as water can sit in the leaves and potentially rot it.


Over time, it is normal for older leaves to turn brown and/or shrivel up.  Simply pinch them off and look to the centre of the plant for new growth.

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